Day 18 – Roswell


Monday, 5/23/2016

We missed our state entrance pictures from both Arizona and New Mexico. So…hey, I just googled me up a couple.

All day today when we drove past unique interesting stuff. I just thought hey – I’ll just google it and thief the pictures. At this stage in the trip, both Al and I are not stopping on any of the pull outs and tour stops, we are in high gear and logging up miles; homeward bound.

We have been through some of the New Mexico mountain ranges today – knowing we are leaving the last of our favored mountain riding behind, we are all too familiar with the mountains that begin to move out to the distance all around us as we drop in elevations we feel the temperature changes and then all the mountains are in our rear view mirrors. And there they go.

We are in Roswell, NM for the evening.

Things that made us go – hhmmm, today

We passed by some fields with these huge strange satellites all over.


And here is the interesting story ;

And then strange black broken lava looking rock formations that went on for a few miles.



And here is the interesting story ;

When the road goes mile after mile after mile, you see the end and you know when you get to the end; you will see the whole thing all over again. Over and over and over. FLAT LANDS……………………..


Traveling off the main paths; staying away from the interstates leads to open range and really out of the way cowboy fuel ups, it becomes just really interesting. This below was our lunch and fuel up around 2pm today.

Nice hardy hamburgers served up here.
Ladies bathroom decor

HAPPY TRAILS heading homeward.