Sharing my journeys and observations of life. I am Kim Fowler in the Arkansas hills, wife of a pastor, mother of two daughters, two son-in-law, and MeMaw to 8 GRANDS. Married my beloved buddy/love for 42 years (1979). I have life journeys to share, a busy mind of thoughts and meditations in Christ my Lord.

I began this blog site to log our cross-country riding journeys.
Empty nest blues came to an end with the Joys of our grandchildren and our motorcycling years of adventures.

All this with the thought in mind;
not waiting till we are old and……..can’t…

Riding has been our empty nest adventure for over 15 years. We have logged 1000s upon 1000s of miles together; The eastern states Of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, the Blue Ridges, the Rockies of Colorado, Sante Fe regions and mountain, the Pacific coastal highway, along with all the states we went through there and back home, the Great Lakes tour and into Canada to Niagara Falls, along with all the states we went through there and back, Glaciers Park of Montana, Yellowstone, and of course all the states we went through getting there and back and always many, many trips to Smokies of our very favorite riding. We have shared in many journeys with dark thunder clouds ahead and torrential rains, strong winds that require what I call; slant riding, as we push our est. 800lbs fully packed bikes against the winds. Snow through the mountain passes of Colorado. Even sleet and snow both together as we made our way up to Mesa Verde Plateau, and then back down that mountain to the best warmer weather sunshiny canyon ride with my music playing. I believe God smiles on our journeys, we have been blessed with safe travels and no major incidents.

That question I ALWAYS get – yes…..I ride (motorcycle) my own, since the age of 9 with my motorcycle license since age 14. (1969)

All the blessings of my motorcycle riding heart since childhood, teen years, early 20s, except for my mothering years being absorbed in the great gift of fully blessed family life with my buddy/love.

“Happy Trails”

Orthostatic Tremor Awareness

I also want to use this site for wisdom, support and encouragements for those who live with chronic and rare invisible disorders. I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s in 2007, Hashimoto’s in 2011, and presently 2021, I have been diagnosed with a very rare disorder call Orthostatic Tremor. I plan on bringing awareness for much-needed research in support of those I share this with, we call it OT for short. Google it PLEASE. And please share the stories and articles that I will be sharing to HELP us bring awareness for understandings with friends and loved ones too.

December 2021

Happy Trails and Life, cross country motorcycling, Orthostatic Tremor awareness,

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