2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour Days 10 and 11

Day 10 – Tuesday, June 4th (211 mi)

Onaway, MI to Lexington, Michigan; this was just a travel day, and one day closer to Niagara Falls.

This cross country has been the first time we scheduled our lodgings and paced our miles in around 200mi or so increments. We consciously paced it as to not wear myself out to much. Most of the time we are off our bikes by around 4pm, with the exception of what I call; get-her-done miles; those days of traveling hard and getting it done.

Keeping it real….for all those who have challenges, I just want you to know how to manage your adventures and not crash into fatigue, in my case it’s auto Immunes. We all have limits.

Being in my 60s and with health realities causes me to ….govern my energies well.

Rain is due in this area early morning so we went to bed early to rise and shine, before the rains came.

Day 11 – Wednesday, June 5th


Lexington, MI to Niagara Falls, Ontario

Al rolled out of bed around 5:30am.

I followed.

And we departed just a few minutes after 6am. We are Nija warriors when it comes to packing up and moving on down our Happy Trails.

Strapped down, geared up, intercoms on, kick stands up and we are off…

Headed to the Canadian border.

We pulled into Niagara Falls around 10am

This would give us basically 2 full days to tour Niagara Falls.

Driving up to it and seeing it for the first time was majorly magnificent, especially because it’s one of those things I have always wanted to see – and there it was…… Seeing is believing.

A gentleman from the area instructed us on eating at the buffet at the Grand Casino. It was practical in price and we had a window view over looking the Falls. We both ate to our hearts content while gazing and smiling at one another- we could not believe the thrilling site.

We had pre purchased a package deal, tickets for behind the Falls walk, tickets for a 4D theater presentation in history of the Falls with visual interactions and a feel of it. We went ahead and did those two events on our 1st day.

Our tickets also got us 2 days of riding the We-Go public buses, Buffet dining up into the Skylon tower and the Horn Blower boat ride into the Horseshoe of the Falls, which we scheduled for the next day.

In our early research we read suggested deals, and decided what would be best for us.

Lots of walking.

Then off to bed.

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