A long Good-bye

Well as many of you know Al and I have been detoured from our fantastic adventure bucket list trip that has been in the planning for close to a year.

I packed like a Ninja warrior on Monday and Tuesday. After going to Mercy clinic on Monday I was placed on an intense steroid pack to treat a knee that has been bothering me for a couple months.

Wednesday morning I decided to excercise and walk my field beside our house. Started down the hill on slippery grass and made a judgment call to, not. So I turned around to go back up the incline and in about my third step something snapped. I could not put weight on my weak knee at all and crawled backwards all the way back to my back door. NOT a pretty site. (Al was at the Honda dealership getting a new front tire on his bike for the trip.)

We spent the rest of the day at Mercy, x-ray, exam and immobilization instructions not to put weight on it for a week.

I Am Sad ! Al is taking Great care of me, in fact he is crowding my naturally free spirit. He tells me to stay put and then when his out of site I hop up to my speedy walker and see how fast I can make it go. It’s a cheap excuse of power and I would really like to be on my motorcycle miles down the road on our incredible journey. My most heroic moment has been while Al was out mowing – I watched a spider on the sealing long enough I could not stop myself from rolling up under it with my handy walker and equipped with the fly-swatter, balancing on my good leg, I slapped him down and then finished him off on his landing.

Thank you so much to our many caring church family and friends who have, called and texted.

For my Sister, Debbie who arrived as we got home from all day Mercy clinic visit and the search for a knee imobolizer that was unsuccessful. She brought me a walker, an ice pack, a cane and an imobolizer from a friend of hers. In addition to the crutches Al and I picked up.

Dana J. Over nite ordered us a special immobilizer from her pharmacy at a special discount. It’s like a straight jacket for my leg. Thank you Dana.

Coach, Matt E. brought me Ben and Jerry’s, Jimmy Fallon ice cream today, along with his expertise of athletic injury’s and good encouragements of speedy healing. I needed to hear his positive take.

Constructor, David R. Called and offered to build us a ramp.
Bless his heart. But because last year when he remodeled our house he built a back door that makes for great accessibility we told him that is working well for us.

Gina E. brought warm brownies which I promptly asked for Al to serve with ice cream and indulged.

I do believe that before I finish this lengthy blog, I may get the pony I have always wanted.

BJ of course got right on a meal train and she said she had an overwhelming response – millions of eager church family coming to our aid. WOW ! Tears. We ARE NOT going to starve after all. 🙂

I am an eternal optimist and am successfully convincing Al that I will be so good and I believe my knee will have a miraculous recovery within a week.

So my greatest need is prayer. And I KNOW how powerful our church family prayer warriors ARE.

PRAY !!!! Speedy recovery and that I don’t abuse my time of waiting patiently with this stupid walker and this stupid immobilizer.

And of course part of my optimism is in a belief that God’s timing is aways priority. He maybe protecting us from a bigger issue than my silly knee stuff.

NOT unpacking. Still hoping for a much needed departure.
I need a sturdy left leg to hold my 725 pound bike up.