Getting Ready

imageWe are gearing up for our motorcycle cross country bucket list journey across through Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah and Idaho coming out on the Pacific Coast of Oregon and travel the coastal highway down through California as far as the Santa Lucia Range. And then head back through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and on back home to Arkansas. That’s the plan.

Never before have we both been so hungry to get away. Get out of Dodge ! Run ! Escape !
Ride into the wind and blow everything away far behind us. Miles and miles away.

The first few days of riding will be the toughest as we cross the flat lands; winds and treeless sceneries, that just tend to blank my mind out into nothingness inside my helmet, so I am busy building a playlist to blue tooth into my intercom and get me through the barrenness lands of Oklahoma and the prairie flat lands in the beginnings of this adventure together me and my buddy/hubby rider.

On one of our last trips cruising through Kansas to get to Colorado, it was in the summer heat into the 90s with a severe crosswind driving through that barren land. I would rather drive through cold pouring rain for hours in comparison to the scorcher of that day.

After many cross country riding years and miles on our old bikes, my 2000 Magna and Al’s 2000 Valkyrie, we each made the leap of researching our selves into new motorcycles last summer. So we plan on indulging many, many more miles together, me on my CTX1300 and Al on his F6B (Honda’s, always Honda’s) and we both believe these bikes will bring us on into our old age when someday our kids take them away from us. Until then …….. Here we go !

We are now less than a week from rolling down our drive way and I am checking the gear and the packing list. It all begins with my list and a pile in the spare room. Our dog, Elroy must never see the pile, because he has caught on to the plan and he knows he is not a part of it.

This is going to be our longest cross country ride. We usually do 2500 to 3000 miles in around 10 days or so. This one will take at least 3 weeks and we are estimating over 5000 miles by the time we get back home.  So the expense of accommodation every night is not so economical. Hence, we will be bringing a tent, air mattress and sleeping bag. And I am building a camping site list down the pacific coast line.

I recently set the tent up in the back yard just to see if I could out wrestle that little teepee. My husband did the puppy-side-ways look when he got home to see this site. And then we aired the mattress up, threw the sleeping bag on it and spent the night in our back yard; me, Al and Elroy too.

Our parachute double hammock with straps arrived from good ole Amazon and I can see us pulling up to the coastal shore,  both of us cozily, swaying in the sea breeze together in our hammock beside our bikes relaxing. Way far away, we will be.

This is what we look like loaded. (This picture is from a previous trip)

While I opened this blog site up years ago, I have never followed through. I have writings of our journeys in my writing app., but I am never brave enough to post, for what ever reason. (Maybe I am afraid of grammical judgments.) So this time I am hoping I will follow through. Consider this a trial. To be continued ??

Here We Go.

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Sharing my journeys and observations of life. I am Kim Fowler in the Arkansas hills, wife of a pastor, mother of two daughters, two son-in-laws and MeMaw to 8 GRANDS. Married to my beloved buddy/love for 42 years (1979) I have life journeys to share, a busy mind of thoughts and meditations in Christ my Lord. I began this blog to log our cross country motorcycle journeys.

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