Who Ya Gonna Call !

My 1st BLOG:
Is it smart to say that? No. I know it’s not. But ….. Honestly I can’t not say it.

I have been studying. Reading up. Reading blogs.

I am not a recipe geek, nor am I extravagantly green, vegan, organic or nutritionally trendy smart.

I am not politically cutting edge sharp or Bussiness sabe.

No huge agenda.

Just life and the Joys of the Journey.

I have read enough blogs to know about rants.

Don’t want to do that. Well, I might want to, but I won’t.

I might get stuck in a rant rut.

My husband shows me as being – ICE 1 – as contact on his phone.
I Thought….. There is nothing endearing about that.

I said, “Why am I – ICE 1 – on your phone?
He says, “you put that there”.
I say, ” I did?” Smiling. ” why would I do such a thing”

I had absolutely no recall of this…

We were in AT&T reconciling his Android Samsung problems; actually Mr. Apple was making difficulties with his new android samsung phone – he was not receiving text messages at ALL from ALL iPhone family and friends. But that is another story. In fact that might be a RANT for another day.

He had been at their door since 3am ;
For me an early birthday iPhone 5.

Launch day – I had come along at 7am to the sight of him and all the others in their folding chairs waiting.

And now later, here we sat with technical-some-what support, getting all the bugs worked out. He was technically and physically exhausted as I held my new iPhone 5 and he his android having this conversation about me being -ICE 1 –
in front of these young ladies helping us.

He looked at me with zombie eyes, “you don’t remember”
I had no clue.

The next day he comes to me very patiently and says, “you came to me all concerned about something you had read on emergency contacts.”

How do I forget things like that? It was coming back to me now. Yes it was a huge concern. I googled ICE –

In Case of Emergency contact. And there it was. This was only a few months back; I had placed this system on his phone and mine.

Then my question is if I can’t remember this system, how would anybody in any emergency situation think to check my husbands ICE contact.

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Getting my stuff together !

I am Kim… I have memory issues and I am aging.

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happytrails2U blog

Sharing my journeys and observations of life. I am Kim Fowler in the Arkansas hills, wife of a pastor, mother of two daughters, two son-in-laws and MeMaw to 8 GRANDS. Married to my beloved buddy/love for 42 years (1979) I have life journeys to share, a busy mind of thoughts and meditations in Christ my Lord. I began this blog to log our cross country motorcycle journeys.

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