Day 6 – Oregon Happy Trails


Wednesday 5/11/2016

Crater Lake was 1st on our agenda.
The ride getting there; a two lane with very tall Pines hovering over both sides of the road. And then as we gained altitude there were 15 foot walls of snow on each side.
On top of Crater lake the ranger information/visitor/rest area and gift shop said – they get 44 feet of snow just about every winter.

And then we went to chase down several water falls in the area. All the while we hung onto some nice curves for riding. Listening to Adele – rolling in the deep, band Chicago, on my play list piped in with that elusive blue tooth tech to my motorcycle speakers, mountain cliffs and rivers beside us.

While we were very impressed with the tall pines here, we will soon be deep into the
mammoth Red Woods.

I believe Al particularly enjoyed today’s riding as the terrain is so much like Vancouver Island, British Columbia where he spent 3 summer from the age of 10 through to 12 years old, with his Grandparents and his Uncle Howard. Six weeks every summer in the town area of Combs. This Uncle had bought up a lot of land and on his ranch he has raised and sold registered Morgan Horses for many years. The lands that Al explored in those years and that experience as a kid give him great memories.

His Uncle Howard still lives there in Combs, he is in his late 90s in age, a man that never married, he had been a bush pilot and engineer mine surveyor in Alaska. Al and I visited him last when he was 93 and that was, I think 7 years ago. There in his home living area were mounted large elk and deer heads. He was out working his horses even then. There were small signs of him slipping of course. But his mind was sharp as he told us mine stories and bush pilot stories. Times of being in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and fighting and killing bears at their camp compound. He said they were horribly hungry menaces intruding and thieving for food constantly. As he showed us his mining hat and premative lighting cave tools for mineral investigations, I thought we need to record these conversations. He had an engineering degree in mining and he told of the rough ways of travel in the 50s to get to the places in Alaska and do his work. So fascinating.
Maybe that’s why Al’s bucket list motorcycle trip is Alaska.

Al would have liked to have done some hiking today. Although as I script this he is climbing up to the top of a 270 foot water fall. I am playing it safe with my bum knee, sitting on a giant log that is across a very loud moving rush of waters from the top of the falls.
He will be awhile and I am enjoying the nature just sitting here.

And OH – he scared me just then. Walked up on me and I did not hear him. Seriously.

There are some very rough roads here as they do what’s called chip and seal. One of the men at the bike shop said the roads are hard on tires also because people drive with studded tires all winter on the roads. That also contributes to wearing down tires. He suggested riding middle of lane. We just try to stay on the smoothest parts of each road.

Because of riding off to remote area the closest thing to lunch and dinner for the whole day was a very small station that seemed to provide food for campers. Al chose a small Frozen Piza, as they had a kitchen area in this little store for heating in a micro wave and also a radar type oven that Al heated his Pizza in. I got a packaged sandwich and we found a macaroni salad in a container from their frig. Also what looked like home made chocolate chip cookies and then I saw chocolate Zingers. I loves those Zingers. We sat out front by a carved wooden bear and ate our scavenger food, while we discussed – What Next ? – find us a camp site.

We are off the grid tonight staying in – Hotel TeePee, down by the river. 🙂
Our 1st night in a camp ground. We are laying here in the darkness of our tent right beside a rushing river over mosey rocks called North Umpqua and the sound is the real deal – God’s own lullaby white noise.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

I won’t be able to post this until we find connection to do so tomorrow.

You have to wait a few seconds for this video to start.

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