Day 9 – The California Giant Mammoth Red Woods

Saturday, 5/14/2016

The California Giant Mammoth Red Woods

My road weary body felt like dead weight in the bed this morning. Just as well because we were waiting out the rain in the area of our destination.

We took our bikes to a local car wash as they were a nasty road warrior mess, both of them. And then we came back and loaded up from our hotel.

We did not have far to go. The Giant Red Woods were priority today for the agenda. Our constant conversation is – WOW,
Look at that, incredible ! Over and over we exclaim on our intercoms.

Our goal was to camp in the middle of these mammoth, monster beast of the Giant Red woods. When we pulled into the National camp site in the middle of it all, the Forrest Ranger said drive through and pick 1st choice and a 2nd choice. Then come and back and claim it. Many were reserved, as we maneuvered our bikes around the remote choice park of these giants towering high into the skies.

The one we chose was a tent site with a HUGE massive set of trees together that formed a hole inside of themselves.
I, of course insisted we put our tent inside it. Al being the straight arrow guy he is said we would have to ask. So he went to ask and when he came back he said, the ranger said that was his favorite site and that he always saved it for his friends and YES we could put our tent inside the tree cave.

I was giddy over the moon and laughing at the thought of us sleeping in our tent inside a Giant Red wood cave. If I were a 5 year old I would have been jumping up and down with excitement

I am thanking the Lord continuously for the special blessings of this journey every day.

Presently I am laying inside our tent in our special domain for the night with a little ceiling light scripting the joys of our journey, tucked very cozily in the fluffiest queen size sleeping bag you could imagine – on top of an air mattress.

When all this camping stuff was in the plans for this trip, I was on board but did not consider my self a tent-camper -eager individual.
I LOVE it.
Al ordered from Amazon very carefully and considerately for my comfort, the equipment necessary. I have slep like a baby and the camp sites so far have been beyond what I could have ever imagined.

l won’t be able to post this until tomorrow because once again we are off the grid.

And the pictures are a promise of impressiveness.

Wilderness Motorcycle chronicles filled to the brim with tales of Happy Trails.

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