Day 12


Tuesday, 5/17/2016

The campground we stayed at south of San Francisco last night cost $47.50 for TENT camping. Yeah ! Because that one was the 1st on the other side of SF and the next ones were quite a ways further down the road. Even Big Sur campgrounds were cheaper.

For our next stay we arrived on down the coast to one that I had researched long before we left home, the other side of Big Sur and before San Simeon. A very well regarded campground called Lime Kiln State Park with a very big waterfall on it. It is on a mountain side and has a large babbling brook that runs through it into the ocean all in one area – Gorgeous surroundings.

I script this, as Al is scaling the side of the mountain that our campground sets at the base of, to get a site of the waterfall. My knee is doing great but I feel twinges if I push it and that would be pushing it. So here I sit beside the babbling of rushing water over big round boulders coming from the water fall that feeds into the ocean.

We checked in around 4pm and began to set up camp. The couple beside us are locals and they were very shocked that we even got a tent site, as this particular camp is usually booked up and requires reservations to get in. She said they got their reservation for their favorite spot beside us, over 6 months ago, and even then they told her the weekends were already booked up at that time. I had prayed on the way in because there is no phone signal for us to check vacancies ahead. And when you travel by bike you simple can not predict a time plan. So once again prayer and God’s providence goes on before us.

After we set up camp, our neighbors were nice enough to watch our site while we ran back up to eat at a mountain top place with a Magnificent view. Expensive dining, but Al and I split a Salmon dish and then at a small camp grocery bought a little container of Ben and Jerry’s, Jimmy Fallon flavor for desert. (Gina and Matt E.) 🙂

The campsite by comparison to last nights inflated price and tonight’s being much more economical; well last night’s by comparison, a card board box to tonight’s Hilton. Yeh !

Big Sur was a mass of people every where and the visibility very poor; hazy low hanging clouds, cool and foggy with glimpses of views here and there. As we advanced up the seaside mountains the sun would shine with warmth. The locals said this is usual when summer heat rolls inland it causes such visibility conditions this time of year. Though the crowds were massive and with many surfers too.

I am so glad we have had the past few days of clear sky’s and sunshine, the other side (north) of San Francisco. And we so enjoyed the freedom we had on those parts of hwy. #1, the riding was an experience I will not soon forget. Because after SF the traffic was congested all the way to where we are here and…’s a weekday !

Tomorrow they have given us a heads up; a HUGE state of California bicycle race coming down through this whole area. So we will have to get out early or be stuck till late afternoon here. Maybe we could just jump out in there with them and act like we’re peddling. 🙂

Ironically 2 years ago on our motorcycle trip to Breckinridge, CO. there was a HUGE bicycle race there, a nationally recognized event.

We are Rolling Stones, my guy and I. We are gathering NO moss. Are wheels are turning. Everyday of this trip we pack up and go some more.

Al just got back and oh my ! He has some beautiful pictures – God illustrates his power of creation in his endless presence with ocean, rivers, streams and babbling brooks it is presently all around us.

I have complained about not seeing seals in the wild and I complained to the right people, those locals have assured me just a few miles down the road we WILL see elephant seals. If not….you will here my groaning all the way back to Arkansas.


View from where we ate dinner


We are now in Cambria, it is Wedneday and we will be taking that #46 leaving the coastal highway. It’s is around 1pm, we just finished our laundry after having a good breakfast in this really unique tour village.

As I have sat here doing my blog, Al has folded all the laundry 🙂

so off we go….mount up time.  HAPPY TRAILS to you !



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