Day 17

Day 17

We packed up at our ‘Primative’ camp site, loaded and strapped it all down to our bikes. My Hubby does most all of that stuff. I organize and reorganize and forget where I put stuff. Between the 2 of us we are fairly quick at setting up camp and taking it all apart too.

We found a Great breakfast place called the Coffee Pot in Sedona. Just stumbled in and realized everyone else did too. There were people standing around everywhere and a sign in sheet with a 20 minute wait, a shopping store with it. Not a Cracker Barrel but it was good.

After we had full tummies we fueled the bikes and then attended a church that Al found.

Cathedral Rock was next, one of the many Red Rock hiking mountains in the surrounding Sedona area. I say we…and well… I sit under a cool shade tree and relax. Today I seemed to be completely out of the path of all the many hikers.
Just sitting in peace. It’s a beautiful day, as was yesterday.
Al texted me when he was at one of the highest points, I tried to see him but he was to high. Then I went back to my perch and waited.

It was around 2pm when we headed out of town in the direction of the interstate, simply to get us to a two lane. We stopped at a McDonalds off the interstate to evaluate the two lane roads most scenic for our homeward journeys. Al is the navigator as we both assess the map over our Coke, sweet tea, hot fudge sundae and Al’s ice cream cone.

Sometimes when we walk out to our bikes there is someone looking at them and our Arkansas tags and waiting to ask about our journey. Usually it is a rider who relates. This time it was a friendly guy from Alabama. We always enjoy relating and bantering- motorcycle talk.

We passed through what is called the Mogollon Rim, another very beautiful range of mountains, bringing us within 50 miles of the New Mexico border, spending the night at a town called Show Low here in Arizona yet.

As a side note when riding motorcycles cross country, passing through high and low elevations we have an arsenal of riding jackets. A mesh jacket is light weight, I think of it as an air conditioned jacket. And then we have heavier jackets. I have one that is my warmest, a combo jacket, with a zip out jacket. I wear either of these two, alone or together, I can with stand temperatures into the upper 30s with both together.
As we pass through a day from morning to evening we shuffle jackets and outer wear along side the road many times. There is also rain gear.
And if I really need it, I have a heated jacket that electrically connects to power from my bike battery.
Two set of gloves – I wear a fingerless pair in heat, they protect my upper hands from burning. And then a warmer pair for cold protection.

We keep all this in our saddle bags handy to shuffle at any given temperature changes.

We even may charge our phone and helmet intercom on board our bikes.

Today is Monday morning. I did not have internet service last night, just could not connect to it.

So I am scripting this as we are getting ready to load up and head on into New Mexico.


That is me not HIKING.

Al loves to hike and I enjoy relaxing peacefully in the shade. It’s ALL GOOD.


This guy pulls up with his gas trailer as we are standing by our bikes deciding how much further down the road we want to go today. Using our hotel apps for best rates and such. He waves to us no problem he has plenty of room as he drives a few feet right by us and misses my bike by less then, I believe 10 inches and we just stood there and laughed at his great confidence and my despair.

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