Blog 1) Introduction to Orthostatic Tremor for Awareness

(Orthostatic Tremor is a neurological disorder of the cerebellum, causing the inability to stand without leg tremors, feelings of instability, and imbalance with gait freezing, tremors cease when walking, sitting, or laying down.)

Dedicated to my fellow Orthostatic Tremor warriors in need to be heard.

I hope for researchers, neurologists, physicians, and all health care providers to lean in for a better understanding of this very rare mostly unheard-of neurological disorder we call OT for short or POT for Primary Orthostatic Tremor.

Blog #1) Introduction to Orthostatic Tremor

For understanding this is the characteristics of OT as described by (NORD)The National Organization of Rare Disorders;
The main symptom of primary orthostatic tremor is the occurrence of a rapid tremor affecting both legs while standing. A tremor is involuntary, rhythmic contractions of various muscles. Orthostatic tremor causes feelings of “vibration”, unsteadiness or imbalance in the legs. The tremor associated with primary orthostatic tremor has such high frequency that it may not visible to the naked eye but can be palpated by touching the thighs or calves, by listening to these muscles with a stethoscope, or by electromyography. The tremor is position-specific (standing) and disappears partially or completely when an affected individual walks, sits or lies down. In many cases, the tremor becomes progressively more severe and feelings of unsteadiness become more intense. Some affected individuals can stand for several minutes before the tremor begins; others can only stand momentarily. Eventually, affected individuals may experience stiffness, weakness and, in rare cases, pain in the legs. Orthostatic tremor, despite usually becoming progressively more pronounced, does not develop into other conditions or affect other systems of the body.

Some affected individuals may also have a tremor affecting the arms. In one case reported in the medical literature, overgrowth of the affected muscles (muscular hypertrophy) occurred in association with Primary Orthostatic Tremor.

My words;
In short – we can’t stand or we are very limited in standing for any length of time. It causes a very anxious feeling in public settings and we are at an absolute loss for a logical way to express for understanding. It affects elders as well as the young, but primarily elders (60s and over) This neurological disorder of Orthostatic Tremor is progressive.

The rarity is astonishing just through my observations, by way of support groups being few. If I look for support groups within my autoimmune Sjogren’s community, there is a massive amount of support groups and in those support groups, there are 1000s within each group. When an inquest post is made there can be 100 responses or so within an hour. I thought Sjogren’s was somewhat rare with an estimate of around 4 million in America. When I searched for a support group within the ranks of Orthostatic Tremor disorder, I found only a couple of groups in America of around 200 – 300 in numbers with infrequent activity. I am now active on a global one out of Australia called Primary Orthostatic Tremor that has around 900 or so in number. This includes relatives who keep up with interest in their loved ones. They are a very proactive group that bonds together with encouragement. Sharing their stories that lend great help to the newer ones like myself. These support groups, because they have members who have had Orthostatic Tremor for many years can serve with more information than most physicians who know absolutely nothing about it. My team of caregivers (PCP, endocrinologist, rheumatologist and, nurse practitioner) all of who I have great confidence in, had never heard of Orthostatic Tremor.
Within the OT support groups, some OT patients express that their neurologists have told them; in a lifetime within clinical practicing, they might only have one or two OT patients, if any at all. It takes a Movement Disorder Neurologist to have marginal knowledge given the limited resources of research and also limited treatment options.

Researchers and physicians both may benefit to enter into these support groups for observation of patients informing one another of their individual stories. They present great clues for researchers who are pursuing causes, treatment, prevention, care, and cures. Documentation of how it began, what brought it to the forefront, how each patient has progressed, responses to the limited drugs of treatment in their own words can lead to answers. Those that have had it for many years have the wisdom of management. As researchers and physicians, there is information to pass along to patients new to OT such as myself.

I know as a patient of auto immunes I have learned more from those who have journeyed for decades with a particular disorder. There are nurses within support groups who have provided more knowledge than my own very knowledgeable physician and Rheumatologist for my Sjogren’s autoimmune. I advocate for anyone with a chronic illness to find a support group.

If you have Orthostatic Tremor;
Get very invested in telling every detail to help move Orthostatic Tremor disorder to the forefront by detailing with clarity the pathway of your OT battle. I want to know more as a patient. Researchers need relevant details of information, from our journaling. Leave it to the profound knowledge of researchers to do the analyzing by our documentations. We are pieces to a puzzle. Our detailed stories have the potential to bring about answers in RESEARCH and AWARENESS.
Orthostatic Tremor is a very obscure disorder, our voices need to be profound within the support groups and in media.
Be heard. Advocate for awareness. Articulate details of your journey.

I want this blog to be beneficial to both those who share this condition and also for those who are or will be a part of OT medical research of which is minimal at this point because of its extreme rareness. The most recent being out of Mayo –

Please feel free to share this blog and also encourage your friends, loved ones, and your health care team to share.

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Kim of:

Blog Series for Orthostatic Tremor Awareness

Blog 7)

Blog 8)

Blog 9)

Blogs Coming

2) Orthostatic Tremor; Essentials of Advocating
3) My story – Orthostatic Tremor
(Getting our Orthostatic Tremor stories out there. That’s the one I am sending out to medical research potentials.)
4) Send and informative letter to your health care team (because most of them have never heard of Orthostatic Tremor)
5) Managing mentally with Orthostatic Tremor
6) Managing and navigating physically with Orthostatic Tremor
7) Helping your family members and loved ones understand Orthostatic Tremor.
8) I collected all research and resources on Orthostatic Tremor along the way.
9) Orthostatic Tremor Encouragements and strength in Faith.

Please feel free to reply, your replies are valued and appreciated.
Be kind and helpful in your replies.

AWARENESS of Orthostatic Tremor is the goal.
Attention for research purposes is the BONUS.

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A cheesy substitute for motorcycle, but still an adventure

Checking out at IKEA while we were in San Antonio, me driving an electric buggy. (late June 2021)

Well I had not ridden since last December so…..

The legendary Dragon at deals gap near Robinsville, NC., has 318 curves in 11 miles.
We have slayed that dragon many times on our motorcycles, my buddy/love and me, I try to talk myself down from not scraping pegs on the curves and not tacking out my gears so tight –
I love riding……curves, for some odd reasoning it ignites an
aggressive fire in soul. I NEVER slay that dragon passively.

This year has certainly been our off year, with Al having rotator cuff surgery and needing lots of rehab and me trying to navigate something very rare and new to me, a neurological disorder called Orthostatic Tremors.
Though it’s been challenging, I always hold on to a faith-thinking,
It may have been God protecting us in this particular time – no riding for us both.

I have told Al – it’s been a great ride and he says – it’s not over yet ❤️

So many great memories. We laugh and groan with the aches and pains of riding fatigue.
As we have aged more and in respect to health issues our riding changed over the years with starting early in the mornings and discovering about how easy it is to ask for early check in with only around 300-400 miles a day.
In every cross country though there is at least one or two days of hard long riding, never over 750 miles though I think only once or twice.
I have declared no more temperatures below 50 degrees, though I have a heated jacket. 85 is too hot. So we have modified some as I have declined in endurance.

Many times we start out cold and then enter warm temperatures. I remember one time we were leaving the Red woods camp ground early in the cold, we were coated up in our warm gear, navigating our way to see that big tree that we could drive through; Chandelier Tree in the Humboldt Forrest of California, the traffic comes to a stop, with road work, we were rolling along and stopping where there was shade, kicking our bike stands down to shed another layer of our warm gear every time we stoped in the shade, traffic being patient with us as we prepare for warmer temperatures.
May 2020 we logged over 2000 miles to the Smokies and back, then in June around 5000 miles to Glacier park and back.

In this season of time I have no specific journey to tell about, just this little summary of memories.
There have been many prayers of protections from our loved ones and I do believe we have been protected. We have had no major break downs, accidents or mishaps, which I believe is miraculous and the power of prayer.

We did it. ❤️ and as my husband says – it ain’t over.

I believe IKEA has more than 318 curves and I showed them how a motorcyclist does it on one of their electric buggy’s. Rearranged their furniture a bit and Al was quick to catch a few mishaps from hitting the ground, over all we left the place in pretty fare condition, Al said I was a little over confident.

With the help of medication I have standing still time of about 10-15 minutes. In shopping situations when moving slow, it can set the Orthostatic Tremor off and then I feel unstable. So I have had to get past my embarrassment and pride, resolving to use the mobility chairs when they are available. Shopping carts provide support in most cases. I have a couple of tripod chairs that I can carry easily. I use a rolling stool in my kitchen.
Bracing or leaning on a counter or chair next to me while standing; any kind of support helps. All these things are a part of modifying to this new style of living. But I can….walk fast. ☺️ I have always been a fan of momentum.

I have been in contact with a lady in Australia who is in my global Orthostatic Tremor support group, she is a rider. She informed me what I already knew through the Mayo Clinic movement disorder lab, though I told them I have been shifting back and forth in showering for the past few years. Moving foot to foot can reset/pushback on the leg tremors. It works for a while in church worship with moving leg to leg.
She said it works on a motorcycle.
This lady rider has cross country ridden in many different countries and continues to ride, she is a bit younger then I – though I believe in this present stage, God has sent me many encouragements, sharing a bond with a women rider in Australia is one of the many.

I am presently preparing a blog series to bring awareness to Orthostatic Tremor patients and also those living with auto immunes and chronic illnesses, loved ones and friends for a deeper understanding. Also lessons learned in advocating and navigating insurance. I hope for researchers and physicians to lean in and listen.

I plan on sending the blog in particular that tells the details leading up to the actual standing leg tremors to all potential research medical facilities. Orthostatic Tremor is minimally researched because of it being very rare.

I have minimal writing skills. So any one finding errors, feel free to correct me. I am grammatically challenged.

Orthostatic Tremor Awareness
This is a battle worth fighting……

Please feel free to share this blog and also encourage your friends, loved ones and your health care team to share.

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Blog 1)

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Kim of:

Blog Series for Orthostatic Tremor Awareness

Blog 1) Introduction to Orthostatic Tremor for Awarenes

Blog 2) Orthostatic Tremor – The Esesentials of Advovcating –

Blog 3) My Orthostatic Tremor Story

Blog 4) Inform Your Health Care Team

Blog 5) Orthostatic Tremor Managing Mentally

Blogs Coming:
6) Managing and navigating physically with Orthostatic Tremor
7) Helping your family members and loved ones understand Orthostatic Tremor.
8) I collected all research and resources on Orthostatic Tremor along the way.
9) Orthostatic Tremor Encouragements and strength in Faith.
And more………

Please feel free to reply, your replies are valued and appreciated.
Be kind and helpful in your replies.

AWARENESS of Orthostatic Tremor is the goal.
Attention for research purposes is the BONUS.

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2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour Days – Days 20,21,&22

Happy Father’s Day to my Buddy/Love – ❤️

Your the BEST, Thank you for sharing the journeys, Always and forever – I Love you ❤️

Day 20 – Friday, June 14th

Resting up day before the 2 day journey home.

Day 21 – Saturday, June 15th (482mi)

Murphy, NC to Paragould, Arkansas

The most miles yet – eating up the miles, headed home.

The final miles, while excited for heading home I always want to enjoy every final mile of the journey.

We are Lodged and resting up for an easy riding day tomorrow – our final day.

Windy riding today, slanted riding always wears me out.

This is a list of the states we have passed through on this cross country tour:

Beginning in Arkansas







New York





North Carolina



back into Missouri and now Arkansas

Over 4000 miles.

😊anxious for home


Day 22 – Sunday, June 16th (250mi)

Paragould, Arkansas to Home

Thankful for the memories and my buddy/love traveling buddy ❤️

Thankful for all those who love us and faithfully pray us home safe.

Love you all,

Happy Blessed Trails to you

2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour Days 18 and 19

Day 18 – Wednesday, June 12th

Pleasure riding (all riding is a pleasure) around 100mi

We made a stop at Sunshine Grocery, a novelty stop place near Blairsville, Georgia.

Rode part of The Gauntlet on the way to eat BBQ at Blue Ridge, Georgia – Mike’s Trackside BBQ.

We were back at our lodgings around 4pm; snacked and watched, The Hulk and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2…..R&R

And seriously this is what the next few days will look like.

Day 19 – Thursday, June 13th

136 miles of pleasure.

Slay the Dragon day – It’s called Tail of the Dragon.

We start at Deal’s Gap motorcycle Resort, drive the 11 miles (318 curves) to Look-Out and then back again. Thats 636 curves in all.

After miles and miles of semi straight and flat our bikes were hungry for curves.

We are here to relax and ride the Smokies.

And then…….we ate desert again at Lynn’s Place – Dragon Slayer‘s deserve desert 😊

2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour Days 16 and 17

Day 16 – Monday, June 10th (150mi)

Sellersburg, Indiana to Somerset, Kentucky

We had a late start today, as we were waiting on the UPS delivery of my new back tire to the motorcycle shop that was kind enough to work us in.

It was around 4pm that all our kiddos gathered around the bikes and hugged and loved us on our way.

It was cloudy with threats of rain, though it was worth it to us to get far enough along to make the next day to our destination easier.

Day 17 – Tuesday, June 11th (242mi)

Somerset, Kentucky to Murphy, Tenn

We drove the Cherohala Skyway –


on the way, and also stopped into Lynn’s Place for deserts in Robinsville, NC – Al had coconut cream pie and I got their fudge chocolate cake with ice cream. This is an area that we’re very familiar with. We have stayed at the Phillip’s Motel down the street many times when we come to ride in this area.

The dragon at Deal’s Gap, is just down the road, but we are saving that ride for after we get to Murphy and unload our gear and luggage.

We arrived to our lodgings around 4pm and this AirBnB will be our rest, relax and leisure riding in these great Smokies for the next few days.

Our host has stocked this; over the garage beautiful living space with snacks all over the place. My mega stuffed Oreos fit it nicely.

The refrigerator is stocked with sodas, milk, orange juice, cheeses, English muffins, and little butters. The bathroom has various toiletries provided by our Airbnb host here.

The house has a wrap around porch with two porch swings and cozy comfy seating to just sit and relax and also a BBQ cooking area. This was all for much below the price of a motel.

This Airbnb is definitely one we will return to. If you go onto the Airbnb app and look for Murphy, NC, and you will find it called – Hubbard House Mountain Retreat 3 room Private apt. – Tell them Al and Kim sent you.

This is our chill, relax and ride retreat time, 😊

Happy Trails ❤️

2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour Days 14 and 15

Good bye Niagara Falls

Day 14 – Saturday, June 8 (110mi)

Cincinnati, Ohio to Sellersburg, Indiana.

A very short fast ride to our kiddos.

Oh yeah…. the GRANDS.


They are located not far off our path as we are now headed to the Smokies.

And a good time to have a pit-stop-new back wheel.

It just almost always happens one of us needs a new tire. We knew my back tire could not complete this journey.

Al sent a glympse. Our family has the glympse app on our phones. This means we send a glympse and they can see our traveling path – watching us in progress, makes it fun for them.

They track us all the way into their neighborhood.

And there they were, all 6 of them standing in their front yard waving.

Now that is JOY. Blessings of God.

It’s a clamor of love and greetings.

We lunched and played cars, put puzzles together and later I put on my swim suit and jumped in their pool with them.

Their bloodhound dog howls demands at them and it is a mess of constant activity.

I snuck off for a nap.

3 year old Lucius finds me. Memaw, Memaw, Memaw over and over he finds me. I heard him say to his momma – I like MeMaw.

Melt my Memaw heart.



ZZZZZZ ahhh sleep

Tomorrow is Sunday.

Day 15 – Sunday, June 9th

Church with the kiddos.

Their church is the church home of many professors and theologians of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Our minister of message this morning was Tom Schreiner, he is a scholar of Paul’s Epistles and if you use an English Standard Study Bible, he is the writer of all the study notes of those Epistles. He preached a great sermon from Galatians 3.

22 But the Scripture imprisoned everything under sin, so that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe.

23 Now before faith came, we were held captive under the law, imprisoned until the coming faith would be revealed.

24 So then, the law was our guardian until Christ came, in order that we might be justified by faith.

25 But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian,

26 for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.

Galatians 3:22-26

Happy Trails to you

2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour Days 12 and 13

Day 12 – Thursday, June 6

Niagara Falls all day.

We ate our hotel continental breakfast and then took off exploring shops and walking the beat.

We had scheduled dining at the Skylon Tower buffet for around 1pm, it was the same view, only higher than the Grand Casino view. We were again fortunate to have window seats.

After that we headed on down to The Horn Blower boat rides.

Day 13 – Friday, June 7 (455mi)

Niagara Falls to Cincinnati, Ohio for the night. Long day. Many miles.

Leaving Niagara Falls crossing from Canadian border into Buffalo New York.

It’s a get-her-done-day, today.

On the road getting to where we begin tour riding and on our way home are hard and fast miles.

There are Times we do our hard core riding (just to be honest), people in their cars, might be thinking here comes two motorcycles and there goes two motorcycles. ZOOM ZOOM

Happy Trails to you

2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour Days 10 and 11

Day 10 – Tuesday, June 4th (211 mi)

Onaway, MI to Lexington, Michigan; this was just a travel day, and one day closer to Niagara Falls.

This cross country has been the first time we scheduled our lodgings and paced our miles in around 200mi or so increments. We consciously paced it as to not wear myself out to much. Most of the time we are off our bikes by around 4pm, with the exception of what I call; get-her-done miles; those days of traveling hard and getting it done.

Keeping it real….for all those who have challenges, I just want you to know how to manage your adventures and not crash into fatigue, in my case it’s auto Immunes. We all have limits.

Being in my 60s and with health realities causes me to ….govern my energies well.

Rain is due in this area early morning so we went to bed early to rise and shine, before the rains came.

Day 11 – Wednesday, June 5th


Lexington, MI to Niagara Falls, Ontario

Al rolled out of bed around 5:30am.

I followed.

And we departed just a few minutes after 6am. We are Nija warriors when it comes to packing up and moving on down our Happy Trails.

Strapped down, geared up, intercoms on, kick stands up and we are off…

Headed to the Canadian border.

We pulled into Niagara Falls around 10am

This would give us basically 2 full days to tour Niagara Falls.

Driving up to it and seeing it for the first time was majorly magnificent, especially because it’s one of those things I have always wanted to see – and there it was…… Seeing is believing.

A gentleman from the area instructed us on eating at the buffet at the Grand Casino. It was practical in price and we had a window view over looking the Falls. We both ate to our hearts content while gazing and smiling at one another- we could not believe the thrilling site.

We had pre purchased a package deal, tickets for behind the Falls walk, tickets for a 4D theater presentation in history of the Falls with visual interactions and a feel of it. We went ahead and did those two events on our 1st day.

Our tickets also got us 2 days of riding the We-Go public buses, Buffet dining up into the Skylon tower and the Horn Blower boat ride into the Horseshoe of the Falls, which we scheduled for the next day.

In our early research we read suggested deals, and decided what would be best for us.

Lots of walking.

Then off to bed.

2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and The Smokies Tour – Day 9

Day 9 – Monday, June 3rd

Mackinac Island day.

We loaded onto a ferry in route to the Island, while we had waited to board I watched several school buses arrive and 6 huge tour buses. I was thinking this is a bigger deal than I was expecting.

I had not put in my usual research.

When we got off the ferry, it finally soaked in ….. this is an Island with an airport and absolutely no other motorized vehicles, except ferry’s, boats and airplanes bringing people to this beautiful small island. The ferry’s were unloading huge rolling carts of luggage, as many people on the ferry’s have come for a vacation stay. They we’re loaded up onto horse drawn buggies destined to one of Victorian Hotels, or a sprawling Victorian looking Bed and Breakfast home.

Bicycles are everywhere.

UPS and Amazon deliveries are delivered on horse driven carts.

The Main Street probably had a name, but I’m calling it MacFudge Street. We picked from many of the candy fudge shops, a shop where after I sampled 4 or five different flavors, we chose Turtle Fudge.

We then debated horse carriage ride or bike rentals. After passing 3 different bike rental depots. We opted for biking. Individual versus tandem – we chose individual.

The weather was in upper 50s, and then later maybe 60, a beautiful sunny day.

Al said – where to

I said – let’s go around the Islands. We had been told it was mostly flat and it was. Neither of us ask how far.

I kept saying – I wonder how far.

There were mile marker’s. And 6 miles in we found out it’s 8 miles total perimeter around the island.

It was a great ride. So fun. Beautiful experience.

When we returned our bikes we had them a total of 2 hours.

We went into shops and messed around a bit.

I got the T-shirt.

At the ferry landing we had a 40min wait.

Al sat down on a bench and told me to go and enjoy, explore some more while he sat on the waiting bench.

He found some other man-bench- buddy’s.

When I walked back up they had all been talking riding and rolling.

An older gentleman setting with his son beside Al, told him – he road his bicycle an average of 4000 miles a year.

Living Life Well. WOW!

While in my exploring I found a strawberry nuetella crepe, hot off the grill. Al and gobbled it down in minutes. 2 hours of biking makes a body hungry.

Al and I sat inside the ferry on the way to the island as it was cold and windy going…..

Leaving we went top and front, along with Al’s bench buddy’s, we all laughed as the ferry moved fast wind hitting our faces. We looked behind us laughing also, because everyone else had left and gone below.

Living Life Well.

As we were exiting the ferry, the older gentleman reached out to shake Al’s hand and said Bless you Brother and we knew kinship. We shuttled with them to our parking and spoke of our salvation in Christ together – we said – we WILL see you THERE.

We had plans to find what is called a Pastie place when our ferry landed us back in Mackinaw City.

When we were riding into the area the day before we kept seeing signs with – Pastie’s served here.

So we did some asking; it’s a potato, meat pie, like a burrito only pie dough wrapped and baked, served with gravy on top. There are various ones.

While we were there in that small Pastie joint, several women came in and picked up multiples of frozen ones. One lady I heard order 16 of them.

Their history – They were a provisional meal for miners many years back.

They were excellent and tasty.

We road an hour back to Onaway, our Air BnB lodging.

Al found a car wash, washed both our bikes, while I started a load of laundry.

Preparing for the next day’s journey.

If you ever want an excellent vacation destination for Anniversary or such, Mackinac Island would be a sweet choice.

Check out this information below-

2019 Great Lakes/Niagara Falls and the Smokies Tours – Day’s 7 and 8

Day 7 – Saturday, June 1st (253mi)

Marquette, Michigan for the night.

We got here around 3:30pm, had lunch and climbed a mountain, for a magnificent lookout. (Sugarloaf Mountain)

Mountain climbing is for the young. Over 300 steps along with the climb. Every time I told Al – I gotta stop and rest.

Al said – you don’t have to finish.

My willing spirit reaches beyond my physical limits….Blessings of strength

Sugarloaf Mountain

We had our 1st experience in Air BnB, it was good, woke up rested.

We were in an excellent neighborhood near a golf course and a church just behind the backyard.

Day 8 – Sunday, June 2nd (250mi)

So after a good nights sleep we walked over to the church, enjoyed Praise and worship in God’s word with what seemed to be a sweet congregation; friendly and welcoming. We had a great conversation with an older gentleman who told us of his travels with wife on tandem-bicycling for over 40 years they go on long bicycling trips together, tandem riding. WOW good for them.


People are so very interesting. And the most interesting people are interested in one another, this has always been my observation as we go on our ways.

A lot of caring people.

A couple days before, when we were in a McDonalds after early morning rain travels, we stopped for breakfast – soak and wet, we left a trail from the front door, to the bathroom, to the counter, the drink station and to our table right by the door….. because we had already made a big enough mess. It was pouring rain.

A lady who worked there came to our table laughing and ask us if we would make a complete lap all around so they could just go a head and mop. We laughed with her and then she began to tell of her rain motorcycling experiences. So fun when fellow riders laugh and share.


So after an 8:30am church service we found us a good breakfast.

With our map out and our motorcycle gear in the other side of our booth we were plotting our days journey when our server, a young lady who said – where you headed when we told her she said – well you’ll want to take…. and she confirmed exactly what the kind gentleman at church told us. They set us on a great riding stretch of road with some actual curves. We were tired of straight.

Most of the time we sacrifice time for a better ride…. because….it’s really all about the journey.

Then we finally saw the Great bridge we had anticipated.

It was all really cool until….

Oh my gosh!!! What’s this???

The Mackinaw Bridge is constructed with a full left lane made of rough metal grates. The right lane is for trucks, not to go over 20mph. Al and I would have switched to that lane but it was under construction.

It was an experience Al and I will always remember. We were on our intercom’s having a shock fest of exclamation to one one another.

It literally felt like those heavy metal grates could take control of our bikes. And to boot, you could see the water right through the grates.

I did some self talking- relax.. hold steady Kim.

Later, Al googled other riders comments who had gone over the Mackinaw Bridge and the comments were hilarious.

Here is a little fun fact:

Since all suspension bridges are susceptible to movement, the Mackinac is designed to contort as much as 35 feet laterally in high winds, although the bend does not become a swaying motion, and the bridge gradually returns to its original form once conditions subside.

WIND, yes it was very windy too.

5 miles long too.

We made it.

So we are 2 nights in another Air BnB in a very small town called Onaway, Michigan.

2 nights so that we can have a day to venture at Mackinac Island.

And that’s for another blog

Happy Trails to you