Day 11 – San Francisco here we come

Monday, 5/16/2016

We left Fort Brag this morning after having an enjoyable hotel breakfast and great conversation with a couple from Quebec, Canada who spoke in broken English as they were French Canadian. They had 2 daughters, also like us and a couple GRANDS. While we have 8 GRANDS. He was a professor of Psychology at a university in Canada. As we have SILs who both majored in Psychology with one having a doctorate in and now in seminary. So we had some things in common.

People we meet:

A Lady lone rider named Diane on a Honda Valkyrie in Utah (Valkyrie is what Al use to drive, a great bike). She was from Oklahoma. And later we saw her again at another fuel up. She was headed to Idaho to see her brother.

Man from India, Bombay on a Triumph from San Francisco. He camped near us in the Sequoia Red Woods. We laughed with him as I told of my childhood post card picture experience of the drive-through Chandelier tree and unbelief. He said he saw a sketch of it in a grade school book, he laughed – not even a picture, but a sketch in a book. He said as a child – is this for real???

A young man from Michigan making much the same circle as us. With a log of over 5000 miles he was also from India. His name was HaShay. We told him of the other guy from India we met. I told him he also was driving a Triumph. He ask if it was white, I said yes it was. He had seen him from a distance he thought.

When you are all on the road heading the same direction you tend to see one another again and sometimes again.

We saw HaShay twice more.
Once along side the road at a look out and then again as we climbed the very high mountain on the lookout over San Francisco, going up and back down we waved and smiled.

We began our passage across the Golden Gate Bridge in none other than Monday 5 O’clock TRAFFIC. Al said – ‘here we go’ (that’s our trip catch phrase).
I said – we have conquered, rain sleet, snow and snail ( that’s my made up word for snow/hail) we will conquer this too. So straight through the peak traffic hour we went.
Stop light after stop light we sat as other motorcyclist did the legal lane splitting practice of their culture in California rushing by us as we were stopped in tandem, one would rush by us on either side. We laughed and said – NO WAY, as we sat and waited for lights to change neither of us would entertain the idea of driving our motorcycles through between cars sitting in traffic.

So we continued on our way stopping, starting and jagging lane changes, me keeping up with my Navigator Captain until we came out of it all and pulled into a McDonalds where Al got a cone and I got a chocolate milk shake and we plotted or next course of action south of San Francisco.

We spent the night where it is now morning as I script this in our tee pee. We are a few miles from Santa Cruz, CA.
And 50 miles from Big Sur.

It was late, cold and windy as we did rapid tent set up around 7:30 pm last night in an ocean view camp-ground. Both of us again exhausted, we could feel the strong ocean wind blowing on our tent. And we could here some near by surfer dudes camping across this grassy designated tent ground, as they cut up and laughed into the night, but did not even bother us. So tired, we both fell sound asleep.



Day 4 – Mountain Home, Idaho

Monday, 5/9/2016

From Just out side of Price, Utah and now Mountain Home, Idaho

This morning we took to the interstate, not always a top choice. We much prefer good motorcycle roads of older two lane highways. But we needed to make some time today after lolly-gagging with some great riding in Colorado Grand Junction area yesterday.

The 127 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah on the interstate was above and beyond impressive with Mountainous majesty. Sky high in the distance and also surrounding us closely; three different kinds of mountains hugged the interstate for miles and miles with their brilliant presence.

1st were the flat top towering sculptured looking.
2nd large snow peeked in the cloud.
3rd massive green mountain like hills and some of those had sheep all over them on both sides of us grazing 100s and 100s of sheep.

There is no way to fully describe the beauties of the Utah mountains. No time to stop and take a lot of pictures today. But our minds eyes are blessed with great memories.

I was mindfully present and totally consumed in amazement; as mountains hold an extreme fascination for me. Al and I have ridden the Smokies and the Blue Ridge repeatedly. And a couple years ago in the Breckinridge, Colorado area and then last year all around Santa Fe, New Mexico area mountains.

We have always favored the Smokies for riding. But this trip has opened my mind to the fact that God is very inventive at creating diversity. So today WOW just WOW !

Our God is AWESOME ! And I believe he delights in delighting his children.

I have a wandering heart longing to see it all. I can not even imagine all this world has to offer for our eyes to take in and no one person could ever possibly see it all. Although I know with Great certainty that what is waiting for us in heaven along with our waiting Father; our earthly humanly heart’s simple could not hold the delights of scenic adventure and beauty in God’s heavenly realms.

Meanwhile as Al and I voyage on our motorcycles across the west here – God Smiles !

And now for the second leg of today’s journey – UGH
Because not long after entering into Idaho, along come the flat lands, tumble weeds and strong winds, I mean STRONG winds.

Al became the tumble weed terminater with me following close behind catching the sticks and twigs he sent flying.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike flat land winds. Every time we stopped for gas, people remarked on how hard the riding must be.

We made a much needed DQ stop and got the 4 for five lunch deal which included a mini Sundae too. Armed with renewed energy we mounted up and got back into the perpetual wind battle.

We rode at a cross wind angle (bikes leaning into the constant pressure) that was more steady than the hard surprise gust of pan handle Oklahoma or the Colorado plains.

We survived and now it’s 8:30pm here in Idaho. We are sitting in a laundry mat doing our laundry.

Laundry done – and for now goodnight  and Happy trails to YOU !


Day 3 – A day of really GREAT Riding


Sunday, 5/8/2016image


Memaw and Papaw mastering the art of a selfie stick; day 1 and we WILL improve.


We are in a small motel with a small cafe at a small town in Utah, after traveling in rain for the last couple hours of this day we fall short of 127 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah.

This morning we began our journey from Montrose, CO to the top of Grand Mesa an incredible ride with beautiful scenery that turned beastly on us when we peaked at the table of higher temperatures with once again snow today that had a bite to it.
Al – OUCH, what was that?
Me – it’s snow like hail. Let’s just call it snail. It’s snailing on us. (Our intercom conversation)
Next we were driving with low visibility on a slushy snow surface with big walls of snow drifts on either side of us. But yet beautiful scenery as we drove VERY carefully.

And then later another really extra beautiful red rock canyon drive, with me repeating over and over how much I loved the great curves and twist with 360 beauty all around us driving the depth of a gorgeous river cannon with sunshine and warmth. Words simply cannot express our enjoyment of this whole day as we road into Grand Junction and feasted on Wendy’s hamburgers, fries, frosty and soda.

Next we went on what I would call the opposite of the previous ride, in that we went from high on a table mountain ride and then rode low the bottom of a canyon drive, now we were headed to the near by Colorado National Monument, that my brother Curt S. suggestion. And thank you very much baby brother. WOW – what made this ride very significantly unique is that you are literally riding on the crest of this very large canyon edge through tunnels and really great curves. If I had not been acutely aware of my heavy packed luggage behind me, I would have not been able to resist the curve challenge, even with our luggage Al and I of course took to it as edgy as we knew to be safe and yet thrilled in every mile of indulgence.

Then we headed down I-70 towards Salt Lake City. I told Al it seemed to me this interstate with 80 miles per hour speed limit in actuality was like a US audubon. Very rapid moving traffic no slackers on this interstate. And yes we indulged on that too. I kept wondering if Al had sent our daughters a Gylmpse, this is the app our daughters like to use so they can see where we are. It shows us on a map of exactly where we are and …… fast we are going. A fast moving dot with the mileage per hour on it’s back. And yes we have received reprimands from our daughter Laurie.

And then the rains came and came and came; that slowed us down along with the fact that gas stations were no where to be found and my tank was dwindling to the point that we were now going 50 mph to preserve my fuel situation and also my intercom battery failed at the same time my fuel light started blinking and then in the rainy mist there appeared a station. All is well that ends well.

And here we stopped for the night.

Day 1 – Here we go – Really

Friday, 5/6/2016

Yeah I am a big Fan of the animation ‘Up’. I made Al and I adventure pins years ago. So off we go mounting up and leaving ‘Happy Trails’ as we go.

We stopped in at our new local doughnut shop to begin the day and then went to see Pat W. at Circle of Life Hospice care on our way out of town through Bentonville. She was so excited and happy for us, she said, ‘you two go and leave everything behind and really enjoy your selves’. She wanted to see our bikes parked out side, so we took a picture and showed her. And we took a selfie of us all. Al prayed and we all hugged. Greg R. bless his heart, he is beside her always.

I could not resist taking a picture of her boxes of cards, our precious ‘Card Lady’ as we all know and Love her. 1000s of cards we have all received over the years, she never missed our birthday’s and anniversaries EVER.


Traveling the pan handle plains of Oklahoma with gust of winds most of the day got us 460 miles down the road and into Guyman, OK. for the evening. Many more miles to go.

The good news is that the scenery will soon become more beautiful as we enter into Colorado tomorrow and head towards Grand Junction area.

I am kind of gimpy and slow walking with my knee, mounting on the right side so I don’t put so much weight on my gimpy left knee. Funny though I center up my bike off the kick stand on the left and it doesn’t seem to bother it. With out our massive amount to luggage, it’s easy to pull up center, but all the added weight well… Al has to give me a shove sometimes when I park on too steep of ground. I had Dr’s orders for Physical Therapy ……and now I am thinking maybe I can just call cross country motorcycling – physical therapy and it will ALL be GOOD. 🙂

Healing in Great Progress

Gracie, Elroy, Al and I all just chillin

This past week we have been on the recieving end of church providence. It is humbling to just say, thank you – you are so kind. More than so kind, you ARE our Christ given church family.

Al and I had our BIG plans (bucket list cross country motorcycle great adventure to the Pacific coast hwy 1 – tour ride) abruptly changed in a blink of an eye as I tumbled in a crumpled heap on the ground with what was sprained tendons and I could not get up and walk, one week ago.

So a week has passed with doctors orders of immobilization, rest, elevation and no weight on my left leg. With us confined in our home. God has proved he can and will change our well made plans and in that very process validate that his love and care is at work through his people.

Our beloved church family has been at our door everyday feeding us and administering church FAMILY love. God knew our greatest need before we left in desperation of escape was to see that assurance in action.

Al has left me alone very minimally most of the rest of the week, being a hover vigilante care giver. Today he has made a hospital visit, and a couple other meetings and a funeral this afternoon. This guy really needs a vacation ! I know the pace he keeps. Recent months have drained us both.

Today I have broken my strong bond with that dastardly walker. I have not had any lingering twinges of pain all day, just feeling a little stiff. Tomorrow morning I go to my return appointment to check my progress. And I am aggressively convincing Al that I believe we may go on our trip this week.

I am still enlisting prayers as it is with my left leg that I push my bike off its kick stand. I will continue to wear the brace and be very careful. I plan on giving it a test run tomorrow afternoon.

What is Church.

12 Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience,
13 bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.
14 And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.
15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.
16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.
17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:12-17

God wraps it all up in a tidy bundle with his words there.