Day 4 – Mountain Home, Idaho

Monday, 5/9/2016

From Just out side of Price, Utah and now Mountain Home, Idaho

This morning we took to the interstate, not always a top choice. We much prefer good motorcycle roads of older two lane highways. But we needed to make some time today after lolly-gagging with some great riding in Colorado Grand Junction area yesterday.

The 127 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah on the interstate was above and beyond impressive with Mountainous majesty. Sky high in the distance and also surrounding us closely; three different kinds of mountains hugged the interstate for miles and miles with their brilliant presence.

1st were the flat top towering sculptured looking.
2nd large snow peeked in the cloud.
3rd massive green mountain like hills and some of those had sheep all over them on both sides of us grazing 100s and 100s of sheep.

There is no way to fully describe the beauties of the Utah mountains. No time to stop and take a lot of pictures today. But our minds eyes are blessed with great memories.

I was mindfully present and totally consumed in amazement; as mountains hold an extreme fascination for me. Al and I have ridden the Smokies and the Blue Ridge repeatedly. And a couple years ago in the Breckinridge, Colorado area and then last year all around Santa Fe, New Mexico area mountains.

We have always favored the Smokies for riding. But this trip has opened my mind to the fact that God is very inventive at creating diversity. So today WOW just WOW !

Our God is AWESOME ! And I believe he delights in delighting his children.

I have a wandering heart longing to see it all. I can not even imagine all this world has to offer for our eyes to take in and no one person could ever possibly see it all. Although I know with Great certainty that what is waiting for us in heaven along with our waiting Father; our earthly humanly heart’s simple could not hold the delights of scenic adventure and beauty in God’s heavenly realms.

Meanwhile as Al and I voyage on our motorcycles across the west here – God Smiles !

And now for the second leg of today’s journey – UGH
Because not long after entering into Idaho, along come the flat lands, tumble weeds and strong winds, I mean STRONG winds.

Al became the tumble weed terminater with me following close behind catching the sticks and twigs he sent flying.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike flat land winds. Every time we stopped for gas, people remarked on how hard the riding must be.

We made a much needed DQ stop and got the 4 for five lunch deal which included a mini Sundae too. Armed with renewed energy we mounted up and got back into the perpetual wind battle.

We rode at a cross wind angle (bikes leaning into the constant pressure) that was more steady than the hard surprise gust of pan handle Oklahoma or the Colorado plains.

We survived and now it’s 8:30pm here in Idaho. We are sitting in a laundry mat doing our laundry.

Laundry done – and for now goodnight  and Happy trails to YOU !


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Sharing my journeys and observations of life. I am Kim Fowler in the Arkansas hills, wife of a pastor, mother of two daughters, two son-in-laws and MeMaw to 8 GRANDS. Married to my beloved buddy/love for 42 years (1979) I have life journeys to share, a busy mind of thoughts and meditations in Christ my Lord. I began this blog to log our cross country motorcycle journeys.

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