Day 14


Thursday, 5/19/2016

Desert terrain – UGH

At the beginning of everyday I am Ms Optimism. And then I dwindle as the day goes on.

Yesterday at the end of the day, I went into what I call, Jonah syndrome – ‘I am dying’ – ‘I just know I am dying’

I survived and a nights sleep always revives me.

Today :

Really I weathered it well – we rolled into Las Vegas around 3pm, so a short day helps.

Al’s smart bike has a temperature read out on board.

Me – what’s the temperature
Al – you don’t want to know.

(He does not want to tell me.)

Me – what is it, I want to know.
This was are intercom speak for about 4 hours, in temperatures ranging from 88 to 98. I know it could be worse.

Snow/hail, sleet, mountain top passes last about 45 minutes. You get through it and have a happy dance.

Heat and hot dessert winds all day …….. UGH just UGH.

We take extra long fuel ups. A large Coke and my favorite chocolate zingers push me
through. Al always gets a monster energy drink.

We had DQ for lunch as it was at one of our fuel ups. The smallest hamburger was $6. Al and I each ate a hamburger and I got a chocolate dilly bar, Al got a small cone, his cone cost $3.49.
Gouging in the middle of the desert !!!

Price pulled through for us once again. We are holed up for the night on the 10th floor of The Red Rock Hotel a few miles away from the heart of Las Vegas.

Valet parking kinda frowns on motorcycles. But we worked it out when the head valet shouted from one of the cars – follow me.

We are in a huge beautiful room
With a full on marble bathroom.
A bath tub with a television above it. Inside where the toilet is located there is a
telephone ??   🙂    Seriously !

We walked through this very Luxurious Hotel lobby sweaty and desert grimy with our helmets, wondering where the guy rolled off with our 3 tons of bags and gear. They said it would show up in our room. When we got off the elevator on the 10th floor, magically a Bell guy rolls off another elevator with all of it. Big black gentlemen who is a rider and named off two different bikes he owns both Harley’s. One was a V-Rod, that’s the ONLY Harley I like. (muscle engine)

We both showered and cleaned up nice. I tried to style my hair with the blow dryer and melted a clump of hair. When I tried brushing through it in the bathroom, Al looked on the floor and there lay a mess of my hair as if I had cut a chunk out.
I put a couple bobbie pins in it, hoping to look nice and GLAD to not have helmet hair. Put on my light weight mary-jane crocks, GLAD to not have motorcycle boots on.

Off we went to indulge in a bountiful, all you can eat buffet.

Al and I both observed; this Hotel is like a cruise ship with multiple restaurants, high class boutiques, bowling, a movie theater with many movies to choose, lots of gambling and a massive beautiful pool.


We ate and then walked around watching people. We thought about going to a movie and then decided to go to our room where we rented – ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, Moby Dick movie.

With a full glass wall of a window, we have our curtains fully opened where we can see all the lights of Las Vegas in full view tonight – and that is COOL.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Hoover Dam and then head in the direction of Sedona. That will offer good riding and a little cooler climate.


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