Day 15 – Bucket List Journey 2016

Winnie Pooh ain’t never seen a Blustery Day like we just Seen.

Friday, 5/20/2016

Today was by far our hardest riding day to date. We fought 25 to 35 mph winds with gust into 50 mph all day after leaving Hoover Dam. We wrestled with our bikes moving in waves back and forth on our lane all day. Early on, we both, just kept thinking we would ride out of it or away from it. It’s a fearful thing watching Al’s bike lean hard into the fierce winds over and over, pushing up against the strong winds. Bracing for unpredictable very strong gust. Passing semi’s and bracing along side them and also as you get around them, the burst that hits. UGH !

Once when we stopped to take a break at a real dumpy place where we stopped out of desperation and fatigue, Al was turning my bike around for me, I sat down to poor my Coke into my thermal mug, sand was flying all around us. I gave up to go inside to pour it. When I went to pull the door open, the wind was so severe, I could not pull it. A man walked up and opened it for me.

When I came back out, Al and I both expressed one to another the dread of getting back on our bikes and on the road again. But mile after mile we both just simple became more fierce warriors and determined to fight hard and push through. Seriously; a day we are both glad that it is over.

We are in a small motel about 12 miles from Flagstaff. Our length of travel today was only 260 miles, it felt like 500.

Those of you who are riders, are thinking – yes I have had days just like that.
Those who are not riders, are thinking – WHY ! 🙂

We will be entering into different terrain tomorrow. Really great riding. I simply LOVE to ride, always have and always will.
Can’t be explained.
For those who don’t know; I began riding at age 9, I was licensed at age 14.

Flat lands, prairie lands and desert lands are never my favorite. Curves, hills, mountains and twisties will always be my Favorite.

Hoover Dam has a story and it was a hard fought battle for taming the Colorado river and turning it into power and productivity for a wild dry thirsty land and all the people who had a future vision.

This is a brief explained summary –

And this is a time lapsed Youtube video

That information is mainly for my following GRANDS, as they are following this blog. I LOVE you my GRANDS !!
I miss all my babies – all of you. 😉


Big bug splat – went BLAAM, Al said he heard it hit over the intercom. I rarely ride with my shield down. This is my 1st modular helmet and I only flip it forward in rain, wind or cold. Fortunately I had my shield down and my modular flipped forward also today. Ironically, also I have a Great wind shield on my bike and yet that bug found me. I have NEVER had such a big bug go right into my vision. YUCK !   Pledge – bug remover too.



This was the highlight of our day. YUMMY for our TUMMY’s

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