Day 3 – A day of really GREAT Riding


Sunday, 5/8/2016image


Memaw and Papaw mastering the art of a selfie stick; day 1 and we WILL improve.


We are in a small motel with a small cafe at a small town in Utah, after traveling in rain for the last couple hours of this day we fall short of 127 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah.

This morning we began our journey from Montrose, CO to the top of Grand Mesa an incredible ride with beautiful scenery that turned beastly on us when we peaked at the table of higher temperatures with once again snow today that had a bite to it.
Al – OUCH, what was that?
Me – it’s snow like hail. Let’s just call it snail. It’s snailing on us. (Our intercom conversation)
Next we were driving with low visibility on a slushy snow surface with big walls of snow drifts on either side of us. But yet beautiful scenery as we drove VERY carefully.

And then later another really extra beautiful red rock canyon drive, with me repeating over and over how much I loved the great curves and twist with 360 beauty all around us driving the depth of a gorgeous river cannon with sunshine and warmth. Words simply cannot express our enjoyment of this whole day as we road into Grand Junction and feasted on Wendy’s hamburgers, fries, frosty and soda.

Next we went on what I would call the opposite of the previous ride, in that we went from high on a table mountain ride and then rode low the bottom of a canyon drive, now we were headed to the near by Colorado National Monument, that my brother Curt S. suggestion. And thank you very much baby brother. WOW – what made this ride very significantly unique is that you are literally riding on the crest of this very large canyon edge through tunnels and really great curves. If I had not been acutely aware of my heavy packed luggage behind me, I would have not been able to resist the curve challenge, even with our luggage Al and I of course took to it as edgy as we knew to be safe and yet thrilled in every mile of indulgence.

Then we headed down I-70 towards Salt Lake City. I told Al it seemed to me this interstate with 80 miles per hour speed limit in actuality was like a US audubon. Very rapid moving traffic no slackers on this interstate. And yes we indulged on that too. I kept wondering if Al had sent our daughters a Gylmpse, this is the app our daughters like to use so they can see where we are. It shows us on a map of exactly where we are and …… fast we are going. A fast moving dot with the mileage per hour on it’s back. And yes we have received reprimands from our daughter Laurie.

And then the rains came and came and came; that slowed us down along with the fact that gas stations were no where to be found and my tank was dwindling to the point that we were now going 50 mph to preserve my fuel situation and also my intercom battery failed at the same time my fuel light started blinking and then in the rainy mist there appeared a station. All is well that ends well.

And here we stopped for the night.

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