Day 13


Wednesday 5/18/2016

We left our camp before most campers were up. Our neighbor next to us, who we shared their fire and long conversation with the night before got up to see us off.

It was around 7:30am. We were getting away before the big bicycle race event. We rolled quietly up the steep grade out of the camp valley area and laughed as Al had to get off his bike and open a large gate, we drove through and then he closed it, like we are escaping.

We drove about an hour in heavy sea fog; south from the San Simeon area to the small town of Cambria where we fueled our bikes, ate breakfast and did our laundry, all in a quaint village area clumped together.

On the way there we did see the elephant seals in their notorious place. We had watched the shore line for long enough we thought we might have passed it when suddenly appeared on the beach 100s and on and on in several areas of beach area 100s upon 100s they lay populating and wedged together covering the beach area very visibly. We stopped on a couple of different viewing areas complete with decks built for the observances of tourists. Here is a very good article on their domain there on this particular California coastal beach of Piedras Blancas.


We headed California inland from Cambria, leaving on 46 hwy and through a small mountain range that overlooked the clouds covering the sea below where we were leaving. It was a view of good- bye route one – you will be a sweet cherished memory.


We journed on and ate a combined lunch/dinner around 6:00pm in Bakersfield CA. and took that time to plan how much further we could go in the 90s temperatures we had been experiencing when we came down out of the mountainous regions and into the flat dessert heats. When we stopped I felt over heated and exhausted of energy, though after we ate and cooled down as we looked at our map we decided to ride a few hours longer. Al checked temperatures; where we were heading was not any better and was not even cooling off later. Although the elevation of the mountain ranges we would be riding through were cooler so we journeyed on into the evening with a purpose to cover some miles.

Gorgeous mountains with a rocky western flare in appearance, driving into swooping long curves, some of these mountains seemed to fold up around us.


Al navigates us well as we chose this particular direction over the heat of the interstate. We drove on through Lake Isabella CA, a gorgeous oasis in the mountains there and on into Ridgecrest, CA where we are lodging after a long hot day of riding.

Lake Isabella -this is a manufactured picture off google. 😏

We were exhausted, it was nearing dark and 9pm when we checked in.

Dessert bowl vehicle – how I felt riding through arid heat in the highest of 97 today.

Hoover Dam is our destination tomorrow.

And that is a wrap for this 13th day.

Day 12


Tuesday, 5/17/2016

The campground we stayed at south of San Francisco last night cost $47.50 for TENT camping. Yeah ! Because that one was the 1st on the other side of SF and the next ones were quite a ways further down the road. Even Big Sur campgrounds were cheaper.

For our next stay we arrived on down the coast to one that I had researched long before we left home, the other side of Big Sur and before San Simeon. A very well regarded campground called Lime Kiln State Park with a very big waterfall on it. It is on a mountain side and has a large babbling brook that runs through it into the ocean all in one area – Gorgeous surroundings.

I script this, as Al is scaling the side of the mountain that our campground sets at the base of, to get a site of the waterfall. My knee is doing great but I feel twinges if I push it and that would be pushing it. So here I sit beside the babbling of rushing water over big round boulders coming from the water fall that feeds into the ocean.

We checked in around 4pm and began to set up camp. The couple beside us are locals and they were very shocked that we even got a tent site, as this particular camp is usually booked up and requires reservations to get in. She said they got their reservation for their favorite spot beside us, over 6 months ago, and even then they told her the weekends were already booked up at that time. I had prayed on the way in because there is no phone signal for us to check vacancies ahead. And when you travel by bike you simple can not predict a time plan. So once again prayer and God’s providence goes on before us.

After we set up camp, our neighbors were nice enough to watch our site while we ran back up to eat at a mountain top place with a Magnificent view. Expensive dining, but Al and I split a Salmon dish and then at a small camp grocery bought a little container of Ben and Jerry’s, Jimmy Fallon flavor for desert. (Gina and Matt E.) 🙂

The campsite by comparison to last nights inflated price and tonight’s being much more economical; well last night’s by comparison, a card board box to tonight’s Hilton. Yeh !

Big Sur was a mass of people every where and the visibility very poor; hazy low hanging clouds, cool and foggy with glimpses of views here and there. As we advanced up the seaside mountains the sun would shine with warmth. The locals said this is usual when summer heat rolls inland it causes such visibility conditions this time of year. Though the crowds were massive and with many surfers too.

I am so glad we have had the past few days of clear sky’s and sunshine, the other side (north) of San Francisco. And we so enjoyed the freedom we had on those parts of hwy. #1, the riding was an experience I will not soon forget. Because after SF the traffic was congested all the way to where we are here and…’s a weekday !

Tomorrow they have given us a heads up; a HUGE state of California bicycle race coming down through this whole area. So we will have to get out early or be stuck till late afternoon here. Maybe we could just jump out in there with them and act like we’re peddling. 🙂

Ironically 2 years ago on our motorcycle trip to Breckinridge, CO. there was a HUGE bicycle race there, a nationally recognized event.

We are Rolling Stones, my guy and I. We are gathering NO moss. Are wheels are turning. Everyday of this trip we pack up and go some more.

Al just got back and oh my ! He has some beautiful pictures – God illustrates his power of creation in his endless presence with ocean, rivers, streams and babbling brooks it is presently all around us.

I have complained about not seeing seals in the wild and I complained to the right people, those locals have assured me just a few miles down the road we WILL see elephant seals. If not….you will here my groaning all the way back to Arkansas.


View from where we ate dinner


We are now in Cambria, it is Wedneday and we will be taking that #46 leaving the coastal highway. It’s is around 1pm, we just finished our laundry after having a good breakfast in this really unique tour village.

As I have sat here doing my blog, Al has folded all the laundry 🙂

so off we go….mount up time.  HAPPY TRAILS to you !



Day 11 – San Francisco here we come

Monday, 5/16/2016

We left Fort Brag this morning after having an enjoyable hotel breakfast and great conversation with a couple from Quebec, Canada who spoke in broken English as they were French Canadian. They had 2 daughters, also like us and a couple GRANDS. While we have 8 GRANDS. He was a professor of Psychology at a university in Canada. As we have SILs who both majored in Psychology with one having a doctorate in and now in seminary. So we had some things in common.

People we meet:

A Lady lone rider named Diane on a Honda Valkyrie in Utah (Valkyrie is what Al use to drive, a great bike). She was from Oklahoma. And later we saw her again at another fuel up. She was headed to Idaho to see her brother.

Man from India, Bombay on a Triumph from San Francisco. He camped near us in the Sequoia Red Woods. We laughed with him as I told of my childhood post card picture experience of the drive-through Chandelier tree and unbelief. He said he saw a sketch of it in a grade school book, he laughed – not even a picture, but a sketch in a book. He said as a child – is this for real???

A young man from Michigan making much the same circle as us. With a log of over 5000 miles he was also from India. His name was HaShay. We told him of the other guy from India we met. I told him he also was driving a Triumph. He ask if it was white, I said yes it was. He had seen him from a distance he thought.

When you are all on the road heading the same direction you tend to see one another again and sometimes again.

We saw HaShay twice more.
Once along side the road at a look out and then again as we climbed the very high mountain on the lookout over San Francisco, going up and back down we waved and smiled.

We began our passage across the Golden Gate Bridge in none other than Monday 5 O’clock TRAFFIC. Al said – ‘here we go’ (that’s our trip catch phrase).
I said – we have conquered, rain sleet, snow and snail ( that’s my made up word for snow/hail) we will conquer this too. So straight through the peak traffic hour we went.
Stop light after stop light we sat as other motorcyclist did the legal lane splitting practice of their culture in California rushing by us as we were stopped in tandem, one would rush by us on either side. We laughed and said – NO WAY, as we sat and waited for lights to change neither of us would entertain the idea of driving our motorcycles through between cars sitting in traffic.

So we continued on our way stopping, starting and jagging lane changes, me keeping up with my Navigator Captain until we came out of it all and pulled into a McDonalds where Al got a cone and I got a chocolate milk shake and we plotted or next course of action south of San Francisco.

We spent the night where it is now morning as I script this in our tee pee. We are a few miles from Santa Cruz, CA.
And 50 miles from Big Sur.

It was late, cold and windy as we did rapid tent set up around 7:30 pm last night in an ocean view camp-ground. Both of us again exhausted, we could feel the strong ocean wind blowing on our tent. And we could here some near by surfer dudes camping across this grassy designated tent ground, as they cut up and laughed into the night, but did not even bother us. So tired, we both fell sound asleep.



Day 10

Sunday, 5/15/2016

I am a little behind on my blogging and after posting a day late yesterday, it’s amazing how things begin to blend together.

I told Al – I am having trouble recalling – things are running together and we laughed because he reminded me that most of yesterday was a day we both want to forget.

So…..I am committed to the good…the bad…and the ugly.

We packed up from our one of a kind tree-cave-tent experience, my personnel mountain top. And soon began what we believed to be a special remote old road/hwy ???. Suggested by our very favored Butler motorcycle maps. (which they did state it was a rough road….in places)
So as we left our camp area, The Avenue of the Giants (mammoth Red Woods) and began on an adventure ride I now refer to as ‘The Avenue of the Pot Holes.’

3 VERY long hours of dodging HUGE pot holes, because there seemed to be no escaping off this beaten path. We maneuvered swiveled and swaggled for what seemed an eternity.
If you heard our intercom conversation it went from good natured bantering to me saying – how long is this road. My body can’t take much more. My new tires are going to be worn out. My -#*#*# is going to be worn out. My clutch and throttle hand is worn out. These bikes aren’t made for off road. How much further. You can only miss so many pot holes.
And Al just kept saying – I know. I agree.
There was some beautiful scenery. We did stop and take some pictures. Though we were both in frustration that there was no road leading us out of this endless abuse. Finally we came out into a quaint little township of Ferndale, CA. a small village with buildings and homes showing old history. We rolled into Main Street and here came a very small slow moving parade; some sort of celebration, what appeared to be a sober event (I felt like joining them) down the middle of town.    🙂

Having left our camp site with out breakfast, it was now noon. We parked our bikes and began scoping for downtown eateries. Went into one that boasted of a bakery along with good eats. I was excited and we were sitting down just as Al began reading a chalked menu, this is all vegan he said – Uh no.
I read a sign also that said – ‘All hippy’s enter in the back entrance, no exceptions’ – Everyone in there looked hippy.
We may have been the only ones who came in the front door.
We left and found another joint down the street that also was more than a little different, so we both safely ordered BLTs and spoke of great expectations for deserts later on down the road.
Fueled up as we left Ferndale.

I was obsessing over finding the drive-through tree and was still holding a grudge on The Avenue of the Pot Holes, waisted time.

Al, forever my knight in shining Armor was guiding us closer to that destination when we came upon what I now call the fake drive through tree. Al took a picture of me trying to get through it and at an awkward up hill corner coming out of it we both laughed and agreed – it was an imposter and it took $8 of our money too. We drove away saying that it most certainly was not the same tree we visited over 25 years ago.

So down the road we went navigating to the real ‘Chandelier’ Tree’ as it is called.

On our way there traffic came to an abrupt halt due to road repairs, so for an hour of very slow staggering traffic and impending heat we clutched, braked and stopped and throttled repeatedly over and over as we grew hotter and hotter; when you are on a motorcycle; the clutch, throttle, hand brake and the heat can all cause fatigue. The sun was beating down on us, we were both laughing and talking about our day as we stopped our bikes under shade for comfort and let the cars move forward for awhile and then move up to them into the next set of tree shades. Cars behind us seemed to understand as we began taking our coats off layer at time because the day started off cold. We were stopping and putting our kick stands down and putting stuff in our saddle bags, rearranging. Al even had his outer winter/rain pants on, and I encourage him to take them off and throw them behind my back. So we were doing a strip down shuffle in the middle of very slow moving traffic.

The real drive-through tree is called, ‘Chandelier tree’. Al and I and our daughters were there at it when we took a very long family vacation all those many years ago, although we were way too early on that morning, so we resorted to climbing over the chain because even years back…we were determined to see that special drive through tree. We have our old family pictures of it where we were the only ones there. Family fun vacation memories.

I had seen a picture post card of it as small child, a neighbor showed me. I looked at it over and over in unbelief.

When we finally broke free from the traffic slug movements we were not far from the tree entrance. I told the national park guy there- do you know there is an imposter drive through tree. He laughed and said yes we hear that a lot.

Well that imposter tree cost more than the real deal here too.

Been there done that got the picture. All is good.

We pulled on out and headed to Hwy 1 towards Fort Bragg and what a ride that was.

Here’s the deal – I LOVE curves, twisties and corners, can’t get enough of them, my bike loves them, and Al always gives me lead in them. Sorry but that’s the truth. And this hwy 1 is like WOW.

I throttle up heading in, shift down before hard corners roll on the throttle lean hard down, scrape peg metal (sometimes). Upright her, throttle roll back and get ready to throttle roll up and repeat rapidly into the next. My favorite is throwing back and forth of opposite corner action. GAME ON. I simply love that challenge and Al is fast behind.

I began in the hills of the ozarks in my teens when my Dad says I went through 7 sets of crash bars from grinding the bottoms that torked the tops and broke where my dad would tape them together. After he grew tired of this scenario he got a pipe and connected it high up and we called that my crash bar as it was a law to have one. And now I could get my lean on way back then as a young teenage girl.

Al fortunately indulges me as I pursue my passion for corners. And we both go hard, fast and furious with controlled experience not superseding beyond our skill levels.

Truth folks, knowing as we do the number one killer of motorcyclist is corner riding of the inexperienced as we carefully and respectfully indulge.

We have discovered the laws here are for slower vehicles to use the frequent pull outs on this hwy and they do it very obligingly.

That particular part of the road into Fort Bragg after leaving the drive through tree was GREAT.
As we maneuvered through all its great corners we both conversed back and forth – me in the lead saying: tight – really tight – gravel – sharp tight – road kill – gravel – WOW – I LOVE THIS.
And when Al leads, he does the same.

We LOVE to ride together in our life journey.

We pulled into Fort Brag coastal town, bone tired and hungry. Fueled up. We agreed to a motel for the night. Found a Denny’s, ate while we price checked lodging.
Checked in……and our bodies were maxed out. I thought my hands would not recover they hurt and Al’s did too. Exhausted beyond repair. I lost my usual great optimism. I can’t blog tonight, maybe never again. I moaned and groaned till I fell asleep thinking my body WILL NOT recover.

Next morning fresh and new – ALL GOOD and we hit the Coastal corners again just as before.

The ocean view’s are simply beyond words. Breath-taking beautiful weaving around each giant cliff, looking down below at a wild crashing and waving ocean, with mighty ocean stone sculptures protruding along the thrashing churning ocean waters, vision after vision of kaleidoscope variations. And then we go low into the beach area as we roll on by on our motorcycling IMAX adventures.


Day 9 – The California Giant Mammoth Red Woods

Saturday, 5/14/2016

The California Giant Mammoth Red Woods

My road weary body felt like dead weight in the bed this morning. Just as well because we were waiting out the rain in the area of our destination.

We took our bikes to a local car wash as they were a nasty road warrior mess, both of them. And then we came back and loaded up from our hotel.

We did not have far to go. The Giant Red Woods were priority today for the agenda. Our constant conversation is – WOW,
Look at that, incredible ! Over and over we exclaim on our intercoms.

Our goal was to camp in the middle of these mammoth, monster beast of the Giant Red woods. When we pulled into the National camp site in the middle of it all, the Forrest Ranger said drive through and pick 1st choice and a 2nd choice. Then come and back and claim it. Many were reserved, as we maneuvered our bikes around the remote choice park of these giants towering high into the skies.

The one we chose was a tent site with a HUGE massive set of trees together that formed a hole inside of themselves.
I, of course insisted we put our tent inside it. Al being the straight arrow guy he is said we would have to ask. So he went to ask and when he came back he said, the ranger said that was his favorite site and that he always saved it for his friends and YES we could put our tent inside the tree cave.

I was giddy over the moon and laughing at the thought of us sleeping in our tent inside a Giant Red wood cave. If I were a 5 year old I would have been jumping up and down with excitement

I am thanking the Lord continuously for the special blessings of this journey every day.

Presently I am laying inside our tent in our special domain for the night with a little ceiling light scripting the joys of our journey, tucked very cozily in the fluffiest queen size sleeping bag you could imagine – on top of an air mattress.

When all this camping stuff was in the plans for this trip, I was on board but did not consider my self a tent-camper -eager individual.
I LOVE it.
Al ordered from Amazon very carefully and considerately for my comfort, the equipment necessary. I have slep like a baby and the camp sites so far have been beyond what I could have ever imagined.

l won’t be able to post this until tomorrow because once again we are off the grid.

And the pictures are a promise of impressiveness.

Wilderness Motorcycle chronicles filled to the brim with tales of Happy Trails.

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Day 8 Cross Country Adventures



Day 8
Friday, 5/13/2016

We left our camp site around 7:30am to enter into a northern Oregon coastal misty fog in the mid 50s with the moisture making it seem much colder. After driving in it for a few hours we both agreed we needed a hotel for this evening.

The coastal views off of the cliffs looking out to sea and the monstrous rock formations lifting up out of the waves of ocean water was yet a spectacular view as we rolled high and low from cliff to cliff of the coastal highway.

We stopped periodically to explore and take a few pictures.

When we pulled off to get our California state line pictures, we laughed as we ran across the busy highway to get a picture of us under the opposing Oregon sign, as we lost that photo opportunity when we entered Oregon in the middle of a bridge.

Oh yeah……..we went across the highest bridge in Oregon today and…..oh my yes, it was HIGH. Thomas Creek Bridge, 345 feet high.

The fog lifted for just a little while before we left Oregon and entered into California where the Red woods definitely marked its territory right away, like all of a sudden, boom….up they shot bigger and taller. And the smell also permeated the air.

We pulled into our hotel in the town of Crescent City, CA. around 4:30pm.
Gathered our laundry, happy that the hotel had a coin operated laundry room, threw our laundry in and mounted up to go eat us some dinner.

For those who have ask and had concern of my sprained knee. It is doing great. I am having no problems with it. I quit wearing the brace a few days ago. Still thankful for all the prayers to launch us on our great adventure.


I forgot to post my trip odometer last post so here it is and also today’s

Yeah, we are stopping to smell the ocean breezes and not as many miles down the road as when we were in pursuit of getting here.

Crazy thing, Al’s odometer is registering around 100 miles more ??????



This 1st picture is our pack up. And we’re are both as a team, high proformance on breakdown, pack up and get on the road.

The second picture is what we have always collected on our journey’s together; a deck of cards from every great tourism point of interest worth a deck of cards. Crater Lake made the cut.

Another slide presentation – remember give it a few seconds to load.


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Love and miss you all very much.

Happy Trails to YOU !

Day 7 – Finely the Pacific Coast

Thursday, 5/12/2016

We left our camp this morning and had breakfast down the road a ways in the town of Roseburg, OR.

Drove through a lot of Lumber-Jack land today.

Made a rest stop for sweet treats at a DQ, with not far from our 1st ocean view.

We finally arrived into Newport, OR., where we will begin our coastal pacific route 1 journey tomorrow.

Soaked up our 1st veiw of the Pacific Ocean after having ridden many miles to get here. And then ate sea food by the sea shore.

Camp site by the Ocean and a good nights sleep.

Rolled into Newport, OR around 4pm


Our sea side sea food lunch view


And that’s what it takes to get us here


Day 6 – Oregon Happy Trails


Wednesday 5/11/2016

Crater Lake was 1st on our agenda.
The ride getting there; a two lane with very tall Pines hovering over both sides of the road. And then as we gained altitude there were 15 foot walls of snow on each side.
On top of Crater lake the ranger information/visitor/rest area and gift shop said – they get 44 feet of snow just about every winter.

And then we went to chase down several water falls in the area. All the while we hung onto some nice curves for riding. Listening to Adele – rolling in the deep, band Chicago, on my play list piped in with that elusive blue tooth tech to my motorcycle speakers, mountain cliffs and rivers beside us.

While we were very impressed with the tall pines here, we will soon be deep into the
mammoth Red Woods.

I believe Al particularly enjoyed today’s riding as the terrain is so much like Vancouver Island, British Columbia where he spent 3 summer from the age of 10 through to 12 years old, with his Grandparents and his Uncle Howard. Six weeks every summer in the town area of Combs. This Uncle had bought up a lot of land and on his ranch he has raised and sold registered Morgan Horses for many years. The lands that Al explored in those years and that experience as a kid give him great memories.

His Uncle Howard still lives there in Combs, he is in his late 90s in age, a man that never married, he had been a bush pilot and engineer mine surveyor in Alaska. Al and I visited him last when he was 93 and that was, I think 7 years ago. There in his home living area were mounted large elk and deer heads. He was out working his horses even then. There were small signs of him slipping of course. But his mind was sharp as he told us mine stories and bush pilot stories. Times of being in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and fighting and killing bears at their camp compound. He said they were horribly hungry menaces intruding and thieving for food constantly. As he showed us his mining hat and premative lighting cave tools for mineral investigations, I thought we need to record these conversations. He had an engineering degree in mining and he told of the rough ways of travel in the 50s to get to the places in Alaska and do his work. So fascinating.
Maybe that’s why Al’s bucket list motorcycle trip is Alaska.

Al would have liked to have done some hiking today. Although as I script this he is climbing up to the top of a 270 foot water fall. I am playing it safe with my bum knee, sitting on a giant log that is across a very loud moving rush of waters from the top of the falls.
He will be awhile and I am enjoying the nature just sitting here.

And OH – he scared me just then. Walked up on me and I did not hear him. Seriously.

There are some very rough roads here as they do what’s called chip and seal. One of the men at the bike shop said the roads are hard on tires also because people drive with studded tires all winter on the roads. That also contributes to wearing down tires. He suggested riding middle of lane. We just try to stay on the smoothest parts of each road.

Because of riding off to remote area the closest thing to lunch and dinner for the whole day was a very small station that seemed to provide food for campers. Al chose a small Frozen Piza, as they had a kitchen area in this little store for heating in a micro wave and also a radar type oven that Al heated his Pizza in. I got a packaged sandwich and we found a macaroni salad in a container from their frig. Also what looked like home made chocolate chip cookies and then I saw chocolate Zingers. I loves those Zingers. We sat out front by a carved wooden bear and ate our scavenger food, while we discussed – What Next ? – find us a camp site.

We are off the grid tonight staying in – Hotel TeePee, down by the river. 🙂
Our 1st night in a camp ground. We are laying here in the darkness of our tent right beside a rushing river over mosey rocks called North Umpqua and the sound is the real deal – God’s own lullaby white noise.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

I won’t be able to post this until we find connection to do so tomorrow.

You have to wait a few seconds for this video to start.

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Day 2 – Guymon, OK to Montrose, CO

Saturday, 5/7/2016

Pool closed – we didn’t want to swim anyway




2nd day

We left Guyman, OK. hoping to leave the flat prairie lands and constant winds behind making our way on into Colorado, but nope, we battled cross winds more than half the day. Very strong cross winds.

At one point I watched Al’s bike in front of me move several feet accross the lane at such a lean he seemed to lacked just inches of scraping pegs. And then the same gust would hit me. I hung back bracing for my turn, leaning in against the gusts just seconds behind. It seemed endless. When it’s just a couple hours, no sweat. We spent over 5 hours pushing against the prairies winds.

The semi-trucks coming from the opposite direction on this two lane repeatedly blasted my left foot off my mini boards (foot rest). Al could here me Yelp in his ear (intercom) each time so he began to warn me when a truck was coming. We will just call this the battle of the plains.

We took a well earned lunch break in a small town diner where a very friendly little ole gentleman/owner went table to table spreading great conversation and joy, he was very obviously a lover of people and life.

Not far past Pueblo the terrain began to change into canyons and mountains.

I had my playlist tunes playing volume up loudly through my stereo as we glide with curves and twist beside a rapid moving river – ‘ I finally found my hallaleluja’ , ‘good good good good good to be alive right about now’, and ‘I’m all about that base , no treble’, singing in Into my husbands inercommed ear, poor guy.

My tank was showing less than a quarter tank. Al’s tank holds a little more than mine. Ironically when we finally found a station, as we pulled up to this small generic stop in the middle of no where, we both realized we had made a stop at the same station a couple years ago on another cross country motorcycle trip to Breckinridge for some mountain riding.

Both of us layered up on that stop, as we often do with temperature changes. Preparing to climb in altitude and temperature with possibly rain.

On our way toward Gunnison while winding through the lower passes and meeting snow flurries a car coming towards us began blinking head lights to warn us, we both thought the warning was of heavy snow. But not much further there was a large group of deer on the road and on both sides. They looked at us like we were in their road. Beautiful site up so close, I laughed with pure joy. And later we also saw another large gathering of deer right beside us.

Heading toward Gunnison we road through Monarch pass with flurries of light snow and 37 degrees at the top. Not to bad, but I was ready to get back down for some warmth.

When we road into Gunnison and stopped to gas again, Al said, ‘you should go on inside and get some hot chocolate while I gas up.’ At this point it was around, 5:30pm.

We stood in side while I drank my hot chocolate with Al doing a weather watch on radar and us deciding do we stay or do we go ???? as we would be going through some tough weather with some more mountain passes getting us on down the road to Montrose our goal for the night. If we stayed it did not look any better in the morning and maybe even worse. We had originally been aiming for Grand Junction. Al ask how I felt and what I thought. And I was thinking lets get going. So we added rain gear to our layer. With under armor, jeans and rain pants and a 3 coat layer, and my throat coat added – off we went.

We made the next two passes with rain, sleet and snow coming at us and no other traffic but us traveling slowly in 37 degrees we rolled into Montrose around 8:30pm stopped at the first stop light together and Al looked over at me smiling and said, ‘I’m sorry’ and we sat there as we both just laughed. We made it.

His intercom battery had gone dead so we had been traveling through the mountain passes without communicating. I had plugged mine in and was charging it on board. We just did not consider it worth stopping for him to connect his charge.
We found some great Mexican food and then checked into the Motel 8 across the street.

Happy for a bed and warmth.

Constant wind gust beating us, rain, sleet, snow……….
We ARE both possibly hard core motorcycle adventure junkies. 🙂
Loving the journey.
And happy we share those journeys together, my buddy rider and me.